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We have multiple Google News Sites up for sale. You can easily buy Google news sites from us with no Hustle. We proved the accurate data about the Google news approved sites and also show the live active status. Almost no seller can provide you the accurate data of Google news sites but we can. We provide the complete record and history of all Google news approved sites.

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You know how hard it is to drive traffic organically. Oh man it takes a long time to see results but If you have a Google News site you can drive traffic to it instantly by publishing news related. Google News is algorithm instantly index articles and rank them.

Why it is hard to get Google News Approval

Getting Google News Approval for your site is a daunting task. You can only get Google News Approval id your site meets Google News Requirements. You have to optimized your site for Google News then submit it via Publisher Center and wait for the Approval. Sometimes your site failed to meet Google news Quality Guidelines and sometimes your site cannot meet technical requirements for Google News Index.

And it takes a lot of time to get approval. Therefore the best choice is buy Google News Sites and hire a company like us to get you Google News Approval.

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We sell both Google News sites and Google news approved expired domains.  We also sell fresh and old Google news sites. Google news sites with strong backlinks and domain authority are normally expensive compare to the new ones but we offer affordable price. We have in-house team that manages our Google news sites.

Our team invested hours of work to get Google News approval for our sites. We don’t compromise on quality. For us overall health of a news site is very important. We do quality checks on our sites and make sure that buyer gets full benefit of Google News Traffic.

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  • Complete access to Google News Publisher center
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  • Take Full accountability of Google News Sites.
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Buying a Google News Site from vulvox is the best choice because it takes full responsibility of your investment. We have a stong history and background with news SEO. We highly recommend you to buy Google news sites from us. You can order it now. You can easily buy Google News sites from us and we can deliver it to you in less than 15 minutes.

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We have multiple Google news sites for sale. Last year we sold over 200 of them. This year we want to sell more than 300 Google news approved sites. Buying Google news approved domains and Google news approved websites from other sources can be painful but Vulvox has easy method. Plus we have quality Google News sites for sale.

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Well it is very simple. You can easily buy Google news approved domain from us. We have plenty of them. Vulvox made it very easy to Buy Google news approved domain. You have to do nothing just shoot us a email and we will send you the list of Google news approved domains. You can choose on your own and also do quality checks. You can also buy Google news approved expired domains from us.

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Want to buy Google News Approved Website in authentic way with full access to data then you need to choose Vulvox. We can provide you established Google News approved website with strong DA, PA and backlink profile.We will provide you complete data of website from ahrefsSEMrushandMozWe will also give you full technical support.


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