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If you are looking for a get-rich-quick guide then this post is not for you. As everything requires hard work from your side. So if you are willing to put on some hard work( do not worry it will not be much) then read ahead as in this guide we are going to discuss how to start earning from ClickBank. And the fastest route to this success is to buy ready made Clickbank affiliate websites. But before diving into buying, we will touch on some basic grounds. 

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a process in which a merchant or business rewards the affiliate for bringing in customers to purchase their products. This commission is based on the type of product you choose to promote and of course the business that will set the percentage of the commission. 

How Much Can You Earn From Affiliate Marketing

The answer to this question is the amount of hard work you put into your promotion of products and the platform you choose. Also, the commission is based on the conversion of leads into sales. Choosing a platform that has greater exposure to the audience is also an important factor.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing works by spreading the responsibility of product promotion to different affiliates while providing them with a share of every sale that is made through them. Therefore we can say that there are three parties involved in the process of affiliate marketing.

  • Seller And Product Creators

The seller can be a business, a brand, a merchant, an entrepreneur, or a product creator. It is not necessary for the product to be physical only. The seller can also provide services like online tutoring and other digital products like software. The seller does not need to be actively involved in the marketing himself, but he is the one who gets the most from the profit made by selling the product. In order to give the products more exposure to the audiences, the seller requires an affiliate or affiliates. The duty of an affiliate is discussed below.

  • The Affiliate

Affiliate is also known as the publisher. The work of affiliates is to promote the product in an appealing way so the potential consumers purchase it. He must promote the products in such a way that it will persuade the consumers that the shown product is the solution to all of their problems. If the said consumer actually gets convinced and purchased the product through the link provided in your blog post then the affiliate will receive a certain commission from the seller. 

  • The Consumer

Most consumers do not know that they are playing the most important role. From the consumer both seller and the affiliate get benefited. Many platforms require the affiliate to disclose in their posts that they will get a commission if the reader chooses the link to buy the promoted products. Whether the consumer knows that they are purchasing the product from an affiliate source or directly from the vendor, either way, they do not face any additional charges. Because the said commission that the affiliate gets per sale is included in the retail price.

What Affiliate Marketing Strategies Should You Employ?

  • Never Promote The Products Directly

A golden rule to keep in mind for affiliate marketing is that you never directly tell your reader to purchase the product. You have to do the magic with your words, through your recommendations, and through quality content. You must write your content to persuade the reader that the said product will be most beneficial and will be the solution to all of their problems that they will automatically choose to purchase the product.

  • Make Sure To Promote The Products That You Are Familiar With

Trust between you and your consumer is the main ingredient here and the only way to build trust is to make sure that you are making only good recommendations. Recommending good products will establish a solid trust between you and your consumer. Because if the reader purchases a product that you have recommended and benefited from it then he will come back to your site again for your good recommendations. So, in short, your good and honest recommendation will create a ripple effect and you will get benefitted from more than just one time. 

  • Purchasing Products From Many Different Merchants

Make sure not to limit yourself with one merchant’s products. Diversify yourself, give your website more exposure to products of different businesses. That way you will be able to earn more with different commissions.

  •  Constantly test and optimize your conversion rates. 

Consider that you have a 2% conversion rate of promoting a product on your website through affiliate links. If you have 5000 visitors per month then you will have 100 referrals only. In order to increase the referral to 200, you have two steps, either get more than 5000 visits per month by spending plenty of time on building Domain Authority to get more traffic, or you can simply increase your conversion rate to 4%. And I think the latter sounds easy which can be achieved by following a conversion rate optimization strategy, and by testing and optimizing your website, optimizing your landing page. All of which will take lesser time to increase your organic traffic.

Focus On Traffic Sources

Many people say that niche plays the most critical part in affiliate marketing but I would say that knowing the origin from which you are receiving traffic is equally important. This way you can make the best affiliate product recommendations. All of this information on traffic source can be found by Google Analytics which help you to view things like time on page, bounce rate, age, gender, time of the day, geolocation, devices used and much more which will help you to place your effort on the highest converting traffic. With this analytics data, you can increase your conversion rate and make more affiliate sales.

The basics got too far, don’t you think? My bad! Well, now that apology is over, let us jump to the main topic. Which is which affiliate program to choose. There are many affiliate programs out there some are good, some are bad, some offer good commission while others don’t. So far we have concluded to take ClickBank on our RADAR.

Why Clickbank?

Firstly, online education and services cover a huge market, secondly, since the pandemic, the demand for online shopping is increased ten folds. ClickBank is a platform that alone generates close to a quarter-billion in sales revenue each year and it does not require much to start your affiliate marketing with them. Plus among other platforms, ClickBank offers a commission of up to 75% which is considerably greater than other big platforms

Buying Ready Made ClickBank Websites

Ready made ClickBank websites are your fastest route to start making revenue from affiliate marketing. Choosing a trusted marketplace to purchase ready made ClickBank websites is most crucial. Because there are many marketplaces that are selling ready made websites that are not worth your money. But we at Vulvox, make sure that you spend money on a good website which will help you earn big. All our websites are made professionally, every website is given extra care, we nurture them so that they will give fruit to you at the right time. At Vulvox, everything is taken care of, so that you do not have to.

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