Safari Introduces 3rd Party Cookie Blocking

Apple recently announced that Safari will fully block 3rd party cookies. It makes safari much better than Chrome. It increases the speed and also makes UX better than Chrome. According to Apple the feature Intelligent Tracking Prevention allows Safari to block third party cookies. This incredible feature gives access to cross-site cookies for services like […]

Google Launches New Publisher Center

Google recently launched new Publisher Center. New Publisher Center has new interface that basically allows news publishers to submit, manage and monetize their content in Google News. Google made it very simple for publishers with multiple publications to manage content and other Google news properties. The company announced the news of New Publisher Center on Tuesday. […]

Google Launches Site Kit Worpress Plugin

Google launched Site Kit plugin version 1.0 for WordPress users. Google recently released this useful plugin. This plugin is capable of many good things. Honestly Site Kit plugin can be extremely valuable for WordPress users. According to Google Site Kit plugin is the best solution for WordPress users. It can fix bugs and errors. Site […]